At CUKOVY our goal is to produce clothing for women, who strive to leave and enduring impression, aiming to give them a sense of uniqueness within an everyday crowd of black dresses and suits. We aspire to be the antithesis of a uniform, introducing our own, authentic perspective on life.

Inspiration for the brand is born out of our curiosity around the artistry of local Eastern European culture, gaining insights through resolving East-West, Past-Future tensions.

With each collection the brand evolves its signature DNA of Eastern European expressive means, bold, but functional shapes and textures and sassy feminine details. CUKOVY outfits have been reinvented for current times, distinguishing them with a consistent cheeky twist on each piece. The Cukovy woman is a non-conformist with an air of creativity that pushes the comfort zone of fashion and a taste that mirrors her lifestyle of distinction.

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1011 Budapest,
Hunyadi János út 1.
+36 30 755 20 71