AW16 | Women – ‘ANDROGYNY’

The 2016 autumn/winter collection of CUKOVY was inspired by the works of Hanna Höch, German dadaist artist. The recurring motif in Höch’s paintings is a single unified person made up of a man and a woman.

The new collection is emphatically feminine in style, using softly draping fabrics and precise tailoring that accentuates the complementary curves of the waist and the hip. Take a closer look, though, and the fine details reveal a more androgynous character: an asymmetrical lapel on a jacket, or a sharply creased pair of trousers… Such ephemeral details of masculinity emerge and then melt back into the overall harmony that expresses sensual seduction and restrained self-control in equal measure.

The lineup of the 2016 autumn/winter collection of CUKOVY features oversized coats, women’s jackets, shirtwaist dresses and light, frothy dresses. The daring, innovative fashion creations are made of high-end, laser-cut leather, luxurious mohair and washed silk. The dominant colours are black, dark chocolate, and the more vibrant hues of metallic rust and turquoise.

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