Cukovy is a modern design brand established in 2014. The brand gathers inspiration from everyday life and transforms well-known motifs into wearable works of art. Cukovy offers great flexibility and unique design solutions. With changeable parts, you have the opportunity to find the perfect combination for the occasion and deliver a breathtaking look – with a little tweak you can always be perfectly you. We design for metropolitan women who are really able to show and enjoy their feminine power, regardless of their age.


Flora Popradi is the head designer at CUKOVY, born in Budapest to a Nicaraguan mother and a Hungarian father. Growing up in these dissimilar cultures opened and shaped her mind and personality. Contrasts have since been the focal point in her work. Finding the perfect balance within herself and her art is at the centre of her designs. Flora’s BA graduate collection has been showcased at Designer’s Nest during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Her work and studies led her to various places throughout Europe including Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Paris and now Budapest. Flora’s eclectic and curious spirit enables her to transform stories into shapes and colour with an impeccable sense. Her strong storytelling skills led her to try herself out as a costume designer, a stylist and an art director.