Shipping and Return

Payment and Shipping 


The purchase agreement is concluded between CUKOVY and Customer thus payment will be received by CUKOVY.

Payment for the items purchased may be fulfilled via the following methods:

Online payment with a bank card (no other option provided)

Should the Customer choose online payment, they will be redirected to the online payment interface of  website where the Customer may complete the payment. Terms governing the online payment method may be found at

Customer understands and accepts terms referenced above. By clicking on the payment hyperlink, Customer accepts that the Merchant forwards their personal data stored on website to Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. (C/O A&L Goodbody, Ifsc., North Wall Quay Dublin 1., Dublin 1, Dublin. The data forwarded are as follows: last name, first name, country, telephone number, email address). The purpose of forwarding the data: provide customer service to third parties, the confirmation of transactions, and prevention of frauds to protect customers.

CUKOVY does not access, collect or store credit card information.

Actual charges from the Customer’s credit card provider may vary slightly due to fluctuations in the international currency exchange rates.

All information about the prices is included in the section 3. of the GTCAU.


The price indicated on the Site includes the shipping fee (except for the customs as indicated above).

CUKOVY has sole discretion in choosing a service provider for shipment.

Items purchased are shipped by DHL in accordance with its own terms and conditions as detailed on these following website.

Territorial restrictions

CUKOVY ships worldwide, except for North Korea. CUKOVY reserves the right to amend the list of excluded countries even after receiving the purchase order of Customer.


In case shipping is not possible for any reason, Merchant shall promptly inform Customer of the expected length of delay.

Merchant may not be held liable for any delays caused by external reasons beyond their control that could not be anticipated at the time of the issuing of the confirmation email, and delays that could not have been pre-empted or avoided with reasonable adjustments or action.


If the ordered item is not in stock or the required number of items is not available, Merchant shall inform Customer without delay via email. In such cases, Parties may agree to deliver items in separate orders, or the fulfilment of the order when the last required item becomes available. Customer accepts that the Merchant may reject the fulfilment of the order in such quantities that may presume the resale of the items purchased.


What can I do if I changed my mind after the order arrived?

Detailed rules of withdrawal from contracts between customers and traders are regulated by

Gov. Order No. 45/2014(II.26.) of Hungary.

The right of withdrawal can be exercised only by consumers and not by non-consumer entities.

Consumer is a natural person acting out of the scope of his/her profession/business activity.

Customer may withdraw from the agreement within 30 days for any reason. The deadline of withdrawal/date of termination shall expire 30 days after the date on which the Customer or its proxy, a third party other than the delivery partner, received the purchased item.

It means the Customer is allowed to post the order back to CUKOVY within 30 days from the date he/she received it for any reason.

Should the Customer exercise its right of withdrawal/termination, their expressed written declaration must be submitted to:

Email address:

For the reason above, Customer may use the template for the written declaration contained in Appendix 1 of this GTCAU.

Customer must exercise its right of withdrawal/termination if the written declaration is submitted before the expiry of the deadline indicated above.

Exceptions: made to measure items and upcoming season pre-orders that are made especially for the Customer are an exception, and in case of these orders no returns, exchanges or refunds will be accepted.


Can I have a full refund for my order if I decide to send it back?

Should the Customer withdraw from the agreement, Merchant will, without delay but within 14 days of receipt of the withdrawal declaration, refund the full expense of the Customer, including shipping and handling, except for the additional fees that have arisen due to the Customer choosing a different shipping method other than the usual, most economical solution.

The amount owed to the Customer will be refunded through an identical transaction, except when Customer explicitly agrees to a specific alternate payment method; in such cases any additional expenses incurred are to be paid solely by the Merchant.

Customer is required to return or hand over the items without any reasonable delays but not later than 30 days from the date on which Customer received the order. The deadline shall be considered met when Customer returns the item before the expiry of the 30 days.

Any expenses (duties, taxes, courier fees, etc.) incurred due to returning the item is to be paid by the Customer except if the Product was defective when Customer received it. As Merchant withholds the refund as long as the items ordered have not been received, it is highly recommended to use a shipping carrier who insures the Product against theft or lost or provides a tracking number through the shipment of the returned goods can be followed.


What is the return address of CUKOVY?

Returns shall be sent to the following address:

Hungary, Budapest, 1051 (zip code) Október 6 street 24.


When will I get my refund?

Customer will be notified if the returned Products can be accepted and the return meets all the requirements. The notification is followed by the payment of the refund without undue delay but not later than 14 days from the date CUKOVY received the returned Products.

The form of the refund is: credit card refund or bank transfer.

Refund time will depend on the policies and practices of the credit card company or the bank.


Customer will be notified if the returned products cannot be accepted. In this case, Products are subject to be returned to the Customer within 5 days in the conditions in which they were sent back to CUKOVY. If Customer refuses to receive the Products in the conditions in which they were sent back to CUKOVY, the delivery partner shall be entitled to keep the Products and withhold the sums already received.


Can I exchange the Product to another one?


Customers are entitled to return the Product in case of defective performance or withdrawal but exchange to a different color or size is not possible.

Please note: this document does not in any way replace the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. For complete information, please click on the menu items containing these documents.