We aim to dispatch all orders within 1 business day.

The price indicated on the Site includes the shipping fee (except for the customs as indicated above).

CUKOVY has sole discretion in choosing a service provider for shipment.

Items purchased are shipped by DHL in accordance with its own terms and conditions as detailed on the following website:

DHL Go Green:

Territorial restrictions

CUKOVY ships worldwide, except for North Korea. CUKOVY reserves the right to amend the list of excluded countries even after receiving the purchase order of Customer.


In case shipping is not possible for any reason, Merchant shall promptly inform Customer of the expected length of delay.

Merchant may not be held liable for any delays caused by external reasons beyond their control that could not be anticipated at the time of the issuing of the confirmation email, and delays that could not have been pre-empted or avoided with reasonable adjustments or action.


If the ordered item is not in stock or the required number of items is not available, Merchant shall inform Customer without delay via email. In such cases, Parties may agree to deliver items in separate orders, or the fulfilment of the order when the last required item becomes available. Customer accepts that the Merchant may reject the fulfillment of the order in such quantities that may presume the resale of the items purchased.